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  • The Surgical Suites is an ambulatory surgery center.  We are regulated by extensive Federal, State and Local laws and authorities.  We attempt to maintain our professional obligations under each and every regulatory requirement.  We will not utilize public or social media, (i.e. the internet) to communicate any Protected Health Information.  
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  • Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us.  The internet and other public electronic media do not provide adequate privacy and security settings.  We recommend that you do not utilize these media to communicate Protected Health Information.  If you need to address any issue with us, we recommend that you do it in person at our facility.
  • Should you elect to communicate Protected Health Information via electronic means, we cannot guarantee your privacy and confidentiality rights.  We cannot accept any responsibility or liability should you elect to utilize these electronic media.  We advise you not to utilize any of them to communicate Protected Health Information.